Boat Brokers as Agents for the Seller

The BASCO Boat Guru Community includes Boat Brokers for owners who want to sell their boats. By choosing one of our community's Selling Brokers, you'll get the right selling advice tailored to your specific situation.


Welcome to BASCO Boating and a Warm Welcome to Experienced & Aspiring Boat Brokers!

Why Appoint a Boat Broker to Sell Your Boat

Appointing a boat broker to sell your boat is very much a personal choice dependent upon four main variables 1. Your time 2. Your experience 3. Type of boat, price and location of your boat and 4. Your personal inclination towards selling.

If you're confused or just unsure about the best option for your boat sale, read more below. You are welcome to contact us for a no-obligation boat sale strategy call where we will help you decide the best way to sell your boat.

What Does a Boat Broker Do?

Services provided by a seller's broker include:

  • Pricing your boat for sale

  • Advice on the best way to sell your boat

  • Listing your boat for sale

  • Marketing & advertising your boat

  • Enquiry & Lead Management

  • Offers, Negotiations and Sea Trials

  • Hand over and documentation

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