3 Things Everyone MUST Do To Transform Their Lives With Boating, creating memories of a lifetime on the water with friends and family

Dione Schick

8 Apr 2022

Boat Buying Confidence and Clarity to Pick the Right Boat at the Right Price, Without Making a Costly Mistake

Did you know that there are three, and only THREE CORE THINGS you must have in place to increase your Boat Buying Confidence and ultimately transform your life with boating - like we did as first-time boaters not so long ago, creating memories of a lifetime on the water with friends and family?

I know it sounds weird, but after working with countless clients - I can tell you with zero doubt you need all three of these elements!

(In fact, even if you dismiss my results and those of my clients, you’d be hard-pressed to find any successful Boat Buyers, Boat Searchers, or First-Time Boaters on the planet that didn't have these three things in place…)

“So what are they?!”

The good news is the “big 3 elements” are actually pretty simple (maybe not easy but simple nonetheless)...

One: Commitment

This might sound superficial but you have to be absolutely, 100% committed to doing what it takes right now to reach your Boating Lifestyle goals so you can transform your life, creating memories of a lifetime on the water with friends and family.

This may sound too direct but 90% of folks simply either don’t take action or quit too easily along the way at the first sign of friction. And the ground-breaking research undertaken in 2017 by industry association, Grow Boating, confirms this fact!

I have seen folks “say” they want it, people claim they’re serious, and countless others talk about their “big plans” to enjoy life on the water, creating memories of a lifetime with friends and family but really only a small fraction of folks have the commitment to actually make it happen and see things through...

Two: Clarity

Even committed and ultra-driven First-Time Boaters and Boat Buyers need CLARITY to achieve results. You can call it what you want: a roadmap, recipe, game plan or blueprint, but you have to follow a proven and easy-to-follow plan if you want to get from “Point A” (poor Boat Buying Confidence) to “Point B” (crushing your Boating goals!)

In fact, this is why many fail- spending hours, days, weeks, months, and, yes YEARS searching, clicking, consuming content, buying every boat course, reading every boat blog, and listening to every boat video on Youtube….

This is the problem - no clear path!

Time is our most precious asset and we believe every moment you invest toward realizing your Boat Buying goals should be spent making progress, knowing exactly what you should be doing next and exactly how to do it!

This brings me to element Number Three:

Three: Confidence

This is where the rubber meets the road! The third essential element that virtually everyone must have in place in order to rapidly increase their Boat Buying Success and ultimately buy the right boat at the right price so you can get on the water with family and friends, is confidence!

Not confidence in yourself necessarily, but 100% confidence in the fact that you are getting the support (straight forward, honest, impartial, objective) from a trusted expert who has the experience and boating skills to partner with you, help you get “unstuck” and keep you moving forward until you achieve your boating goals.