BASCO announces the launch of their Luxury Lifestyle International Magazine

Dione Schick

1 Aug 2022

Promotion opportunities soon available in the BASCO Luxury Lifestyle international magazine, digital & print

In collaboration with EuropeanLife Media S.L., BASCO is thrilled to announce the impending arrival of the BASCO Luxury Lifestyle international magazine, available in digital & print.

The magazine will initially be published 2 times per year, around a major event such as a international boat show.

The first magazine will be published in December 2022, one month before the Thailand International Boat Show A Luxury Lifestyle Event, and BASCO's virtual 2-Day "Luxury Boating in Thailand; How & Where to Do It" event planned for launch on 7-8th January 2023.

Six months promotion of this glossy Luxury Lifestyle magazine, including the promotion of all articles will be organised by BASCO and EuropeanLife Media (ELM) and their exclusive luxury distribution channels, including online promotion on ELM & BASCO social media platforms and websites as well as their YouTube channels, the total reach being in excess of 8 million.

Advertisers and magazine partners can opt for inclusion the the EuropeanLife Luxury Week Phuket 2023 Business Participation & App Registration if relevant for their business (Valued at EUR299) and be promoted in an ad on the city app during EuropeanLife Luxury Week Phuket 2023.

To find out more please contact us.

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