BASCO Partners with EuropeanLife Media

Dione Schick

1 Jul 2022

Taking BASCO's Digital Events to New Heights, Expanding to Boat Owner Operators

BASCO Digital is thrilled to announce a new collaboration with EuropeanLife Media S.L. to work together to plan, promote and deliver the first ever EuropeanLife Luxury Week in Asia Pacific.

With the intention of a long term relationship, partnership and the delivery of great digital events for luxury and boating enthusiasts all around Asia Pacific, BASCO is delighted with the new collaboration.

EuropeanLife Luxury Week is a global digital campaign where EuropeanLife Media work with shops, restaurant, hotels and cultural sights in any city, to promote them and invite visitors to their business. EuropeanLife Media makes a city website page, a city app and a magazine to give the events the status they need to stand out on the global stage.

BASCO collaborates with EuropeanLife Media, headquartered in Spain, and provides the BASCO network, contacts, connections and on-the-ground resources to ensure successful events. Promotion by EuropeanLife Media and their exclusive luxury distribution channels reach 8 million.

With the first event planned for Phuket, EuropeanLife Media is also in collaboration with Thailand International Boat show A Luxury Lifestyle Event, to market the EuropeanLife Luxury Week Phuket 11-18 January 2023 to coincide with Thailand International Boat show.

While Phuket is the first event to run, BASCO Digital & EuropeanLife Media are working on a calendrer of digital events to run around other iconic events such as boat shows. Other events can also be the feature, such as Formula One or other large Expo's.

Contact us to find out how your boat business can benefit from our new collaboration and digital events.


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