Free Webinar: How To Find Out The True Cost & Risks Of Buying And Maintaining a Boat

Aziza Ahmed

24 Aug 2022

Hosted by Award winning Boat Industry experts Dione & William Schick

This is a super easy way to unlock boat ownership secrets and insider information.

Better yet, get your friends and co-boaters involved and give them the gift of boat ownership secrets. ;-)

Here’s what William and Dione will be covering in this Webinar:

  • How to know WHAT a BOAT'S WORTH? so you don't get taken advantage of and why new boat buyers are a broker’s delight and a boat seller’s dream

  • Why NEW BOAT BUYERS PAY MORE than experienced boat buyers? Learning this ONE secret will instantly put you ahead of others new boat buyers.

  • How to get the ACCURATE BOAT SELLING PRICE? This boat market is so small, so unsophisticated and illiquid, even the BOAT BROKERS cannot accurately say how much a boat is going to sell for.

  • Uncover the full facts, proper boat valuations so that you have the full cost picture of boat ownership and boat buying!

And so much more…

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Hope to see you there.

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