News Flash | Deal Fallen Through - here's your chance if you're very quick. 2017 (new) Power Catamaran 45'

William Schick

12 Sep 2022

Brand new, yet to be commissioned, built in 2017

This unique, high volume boat was under contract but the deal has fallen through so the boat is now back on the market for a fast sale. Please note the picture above is the sister ship, see below.

Built by Megaway in Singapore in 2017, the company built two almost identical catamarans. The other was put into light charter, and put on the market in April 2022. That boat sold quickly, paving the way for this new, yet to be commissioned sister ship to enter the market.

A great value locally built boat, ideal for day-charter or lovely as a liveaboard.

We're excited about this boat buying opportunity, take a closer look at this one quickly as it won't last long at this price.

We viewed the boat on 11 April 22 and have some great videos show casing this lovely boat. Contact us for more details.

Click HERE for more details, note that this is for the sister ship so also contact us for more details.

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