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Access to Boating | Boat Viewings Package

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30 minutes

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BASCO’s Access to Boating Program is an exclusive service of boat access, boat experience and boating knowledge that helps First-Time Boaters and boat "deciders" access the boating lifestyle so they can start creating memories of a lifetime with friends and family without high stress, wheeler-dealers or costly boat buying mistakes.

Using BASCO's 3 Stage Access to Boating blueprint, this package is perfect for those who are "trying to decide about a boat, and if it's a good idea or not for myself and my family".

There's three steps in the "Viewings Package" comprising the entire Stage 1 of the blueprint:

Step 1:

a) Reviewing your goals and objectives

b) Answering all your initial questions

c) What, when, where, why (cost, maintenance, safety, type of boat etc.)

Step 2:

a) Document wish list and priorities (and learn what they are)

b) Initial list of boats

c) Upcoming boats

Step 3:

a) Availability and viewings

b) Sister ship alternatives for new boats

c) Re-visit and refine wish list, boat profile and priorities

Stage 2 & 3 provides additional services for boat searchers and boat buyers. What's the difference between a searcher and a buyer? A boat searcher is a first-time boater who has concluded that buying a boat is a probably good idea for themselves and their family, and is now actively searching for a boat.

However, typically the first-time boater is not at all sure of what is the right boat for them, what the right price might be, or even know what type of boat is suitable for them or what boat will meet their goals and objectives.

So the second stage of the BASCO With You program addresses these concerns and uncertainties and BASCO works with boat searchers through this process until they either decide not to buy a boat after all, or they move to the final stage of then being a boat buyer.

Book a time for a strategy call to learn more about deciding about your boat, searching or buying. We'd be delighted to hear from you!