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Hi boat owners, It's been years since you bought your boat, and it's time to sell your boat. You've put a lot of time and money into it, but you're looking for an opportunity to get the most out of your investment. You might be thinking about listing your boat on an online boat marketplace, or setting up a boat brokerage sale, but either way—that can take months. We're here to help. We have regular As-Is-Where-Is boat selling events that will allow you to sell your boat faster than ever before! For example, our Online Boat Show AS-IS-WHERE-IS event will run over the last 5 days of August through our BOBBAS platform. With this service, we'll take care of everything from listing your boat on the marketplace to managing the entire process—and it will even include marketing materials if necessary. And, you’re invited to participate. Register your interest by filling in this short questionnaire HERE! This Online Boat Show event is ideal for boat owners if • The boat’s valued at less than USD450k • They’re prepared to meet the market price • They understand that enquiry generation is the key component to getting a sale, and • Recognise that 'social selling' such as You Tube, Facebook, Google Adwords, Instagram is now the new 'Yachtworld' • They understand it takes time to sell a boat (for example, our 9-month short-term and mid-term Combination Selling Strategy which includes two Online Boat Show events) So, entering your boat into the “AS-IS-WHERE-IS” Boats for Sale Online Boat Show could be a great option for your boat for sale. The Online Boat Show will live on BOBBAS – BASCO’s Online Boat Buying And Selling platform, with enquiries being received every day. The marketing and enquiry generation will be started immediately you list and will continue until your boat is sold or sufficient price feedback is received so you can make your move! Click here for more information, fill in the quick survey (copy and paste this link into your browser) and we'll be in touch with our recommended approach to sell your boat. Or if you simply want to get market price feedback, contact us. We'd be happy to help. Best, The BASCO Team