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Boat Buying Strategy Session


30 minutes

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Want more transparency, neutrality, and honesty when it comes to finding the right boat? or Looking for relevant easy-to-pick-up training and advice in all things boat related? or Looking for trusted and reliable boat sellers and boat brokers who will work in your best interests to secure the best possible price? or Want ease, reliability and safety of inspection, transaction, and dispute resolution? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you're invited to chat with us. Book a call now. Attention first time boat buyers. Are you searching for a boat, but having difficulty in securing the ideal one? Or are you or an expatriate or new to boating in the area and want access to on-water boating so you can learn, experience and see different boats for yourself first-hand to help you make the right decision? BASCO is your trusted and reliable boat adviser, so you gain complete confidence in finding the right boat at the right price without making a costly boat buying mistake. If you’ve been looking for a boat for some time or are just getting started, BASCO With You is an exclusive consultancy and is available for a select number of eligible boat buyers. We help discerning buyers source the boat of your dreams at the price you’re willing to pay, so you can enjoy the boating lifestyle, creating priceless memories of a lifetime, without high stress of wheeler -dealers and wasted time, effort and money from making costly mistakes. If you'd like to find out more, book a call now.