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A secure, innovative and user friendly platform for buying and selling Boat Maintenance Services online. Find your service provider faster, or list your boat maintenance job that you want done for free. For service providers - list your services offered, for free. Boat Guru Maintenance, previously called BASCO BoatAssist, is where savvy boat owners and service providers get connected and get to work! We have a FREE concierge service as well! Yacht Maintenance Quotation Service Singapore – Your Quotes in 10-days or coffee is on us! If you've ever found it hard or frustrating to get quotes and estimates to have work done on your boat, then you are not alone. BASCO BoatAssist was created out of this frustration. And BASCO Boat Advisory Services is here to help you! We provide a quote service for boat owners and captains. What ever work you need done on yacht, boat or anything nautical, let us know what you are looking for and we will source your quotes fast. This is a concierge service to put accurate and fast quotes and estimates where you need them - in your hands ASAP so you can get back out on the water faster. "Your Quotes in 10 Days or Coffee's on Us" . We're working hard to remove the frustration from your boat maintenance and service requirements! BASCO is the most reliable and effective boating platform in Asia-Pacific. Hit the - Book a Call Button - to request your fast, free quote service from BASCO Boating. We guarantee transparency in the pricing: There are no secret fees or costs or commissions. There are no fees payable by boat owners. Like all marketplace platforms, such as AirBnB or Food Panda for example, the fees paid to us by the Boat Service Providers are clear and transparent. They are listed in the 'Levels' tab on the home page of this website. Please refer to the Levels to understand what fees are payable by the Service Provider upon acceptance of a quote. Or go direct to the site here: