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Boat Matchmaker Service

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Find Your Boat Faster, at the Price You are Willing to Pay. From easily distracted and wasting time, to focused and finding the one! The 3-Stage System to Find the Boat That You’re Looking For. Stage 1 SEARCH In the first stage we recap your goals and objectives and make sure the boat you are looking for meets your needs, then we get started on the search. Stage 2 SORT In stage two, it’s time to sort through the findings and feedback, and develop a strategy to negotiate the price. Stage 3 SUCCEED In the third stage we implement the strategy to purchase and deploy the required service providers. Chat with us now to find out if the BASCO Boat Match-Maker Service is a good fit for your boat search. We work with aspiring boating families, expats and seasoned boaters to get complete confidence in finding the boat you want to buy at the price you are willing to pay, so you can enjoy the unique boating lifestyle connecting with family and friends on the water, without frustration or uncertainty of industry practices or wheeler dealers. BASCO we are the most reliable and effective boating platform in Asia-Pacific. Our mission is to empower members of the boating community to lead a more fulfilling boating lifestyle with the most comprehensive boating knowledge and efficient boating services