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Boat Sale Strategy Session


30 minutes

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Are you a boat owner who wants to sell your boat but not sure which is the best way? Whether You Need an Elite Service to Handle Every Detail or You Want to DIY — We Can Show You How to Sell Your Boat. Do you know the biggest question boat owners have when they are ready to put their boat on the market? It’s how do I sell my boat? Followed by what is the best way to even market a boat? Many boat owners find themselves overwhelmed with when faced with selling their boat. While it is similar to selling a house or a car, selling a boat requires different skills and knowledge. There is a much smaller market for boats and many people don’t really know how to tap into that market. Simply put they don’t know where to find the potential buyers.

After years of selling boats, we have identified these common goals of our clients:

First, owners usually like to sell their boats fast and at the highest price point.

Second, they often want to hire a trusted and reliable broker to find them a buyer.

Third, sellers desire the process be easy and convenient for themselves.

Fourth, they want the process completed in a reliable manner.

Fifth, the owners need to know that the transaction will close safely.

And lastly, they refuse to pay a fortune in fees. So whether you a boat owner with only one, or all, of these goals in mind, book a free strategy call where we will help you understand your options. We will show you how each method will help you achieve your objective by weighing the pros and cons. Book a call now.

TESTIMONIALS Here's what our clients say about our service: "In the dealings I have had with William and Dione over the last few months of selling my boat I have found them to be professional and ethical – not something that can be said about many in the industry. I was impressed with their knowledge of the market, the innovative ways in which they approached marketing a boat which requires something of a niche buyer and the patience they displayed in waiting for t