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Boating Lifestyle IQ


30 minutes

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Discover Your Boating Lifestyle "IQ"! (BLIQ) - This unique system to identify your Boating Lifestyle "IQ" makes it a snap for you to get a sneak preview into your readiness for the boating lifestyle. Using the Blueprint to Unlocking Boat Ownership Secrets, in this session we'll do an "audit" against the Blueprint. The Blueprint was created from more than 100 responses from boat buyers to our question: What is Your # 1 Question When it Comes to Buying a Boat. The questions from our community and from first-time boaters are represented in the Blueprint's 9 Steps and answered by our Boating Guru's and Boat Bosses! So you can... - Identify potential blind spots so you can avoid costly boat buying mistakes. - Reach your goals of life and freedom on the water faster than you ever dreamed possible and transform your life! - Includes a free review and analysis with our professional boat advisers so you can implement faster and avoid mistakes. Total Value: $297 STOP PRESS: Get This For FREE When You Order The Blueprint to Unlocking Boat Ownership Secrets! here at Please use your COUPON CODE at checkout to book your BLIQ session for free.