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BASCO With You is an exclusive consultancy of boat access, boat experience and boating knowledge that acquires the boat of your dreams, at the price you're willing to pay, so you can enjoy the boating lifestyle, creating memories of a lifetime with family and friends, without high stress, wheeler-dealers or costly boat buying mistakes. Looking for the Right Boat, the Right Experience and the Right Price, Delivered? - Want more transparency, neutrality, and honesty when it comes to finding the right boat? We are the most reliable and effective boating platform in Asia-Pacific. We strive to address the issues of trust and confusion faced in the traditional boat brokerage* by providing the right information and going beyond expectations so as to benefit more people within the boating industry. *2017 First-Time Boat Buyer Research by Grow Boating - Looking for relevant easy-to-pick-up training and advice in all things boat related? By choosing BASCO one can be assured that their boating concerns will be addressed, and their worries will be eased. At BASCO, the boating community comes together as one to help one another to find the right boat at the right price with the competence and experience you need to learn, so you can live your wildest dreams about life at sea. - Looking for trusted and reliable boat sellers and boat brokers who will work in your best interests to secure the best possible price? Want ease, reliability and safety of inspection, transaction, and dispute resolution? Getting your boat securely delivered is where we excel. We invest our time to understand our clients and their needs to strengthen the bond between us and help them achieve their innermost dreams about life at sea by delivering the right access to boating, the right experience so you can choose genuine boat value, delivered to your exact location. The 3 stages are: Stage I The Right Boat & OMG That’s Amazing Team consists of you, your Boat Mentor & Boat Broker. Stage II Navigate BASCO With You can help you to navigate any challenges or problems that arise and help with maintenance and technical support. Stage III Negotiate No matter where you are on the boat buying journey and the type of boat that fits your profile, BASCO With You Boat Buying will deliver the right boat at the right price, supporting you and your team with gaining the right experience. Join the Club. You’re in Good Company! Book a call now to discuss your next steps.