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Exclusive Brokerage Service

8% - 10%

6-9 months

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There are a few good reasons to consider signing an exclusive contract with BASCO Boating. Take a look at these below, and then book a call to discuss whether an exclusive project to successfully manage your boat sale may be your best option. If not, then we will recommend the best way forward depending upon your goals and objectives as well as your 1. Lower commission rates, as low as 3%, ask us how 2. More services are deployed to your boat sale project, e.g. target marketing, project planning, higher proactivity, outreach, match-making and paid lead generation leading to a faster sale 3. One firm who is your project manager, marketing manager and broker all in one, to manage all aspects of your boat sale, rather than dealing with many brokers hoping for a quick deal 4. BASCO's proven 3-Stage boat sales system to project manage your boat for sale to a successful conclusion, rather than the list it and hope approach of traditional brokerage. 5. Many enquiries, private messages, direct messages, social media comments, phone calls, viewings and follow-ups managed centrally in one place by one firm 6. Your boat's sales pipeline updated in real time showing all enquiries, names, comments and feedback at each stage of the sales pipeline 7. With an exclusive contract we can do more marketing and awareness raising, which means more enquiries, more offers and a faster boat sale 8. An exclusive agreement with BASCO means that your Plan B is already is established at the start of your boat sale project, in case an "OMGosh, That's Amazing! Stage 1" boat sale does not occur in that first 3-4 months; the next step is automatically started 9. Detailed reporting of enquiries, leads, contacts, social postings, copies of ad's, videos and posts included in a comprehensive analytics report provided showing exact numbers of engagement. Book a call now to discuss what is the best way to market and sell your boat with BASCO With You, Selling Your Boat With BASCO, three stage boat selling system and if your boat is suitable for an exclusive sale arrangement.