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BASCO With You is an exclusive consultancy and boat marketing agency comprising access to boat buyers, boat sales experience and boating knowledge that sells your boat faster and at the highest possible price, so you can move on with your life (or boat upgrade) without worry of how long it will take to get an offer. Attention boat owners with boats larger than 40’. Do you have a lot of questions when putting your boat on the market, for example questions like how do you sell a boat? And what is the best way to sell my boat? Apart from the usual answers of good preparation for your boat for sale, having your maintenance up to date, keeping it in tip top condition for viewings, and taking good photos and videos, here we zoom out and explain the fastest and most predictable system to a boat sale with our 9-Step BASCO With You Boat Selling program we use with our clients for a successful boat sale. While these questions are very important, from our years of experience we’ve identified numerous roadblocks to a successful boat sale. That’s why we created our 3-stage boat selling blueprint called the BASCO With You Boat Sale System; a 3-Stage system for a fast sale at a good price. Not only does our system highlight the 9 steps to a sale, but the actions also to take in each step and the system quickly identifies hurdles that cause the boat sale process to slow down or stop. If you’re like most boat owners, you may want one or all of the following when are looking to sell your boat 1. Boat owners want to sell their boats fast and at a good price. 2. They want trusted and reliable boat buyers and boat brokers. 3. Sellers want ease and convenience. 4. They want reliability, 5. Safety of a transaction, and 6. Low transaction costs. If any or either of these 6 goals resonate with you, then read on. We’ll answer the question of how to sell your boat by showing you our 3-stage blueprint called The BASCO With You Boat Sale System; a 3-Stage blueprint for a fast sale at a good price. For more info as this page is limited by space, read more here or Book a Call