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BASCO’S Platinum Access to Boating Maintenance is an exclusive service of access, experience and maintenance knowledge that helps First-Time Boaters or Experienced Boat Owners maintain the boat of their dreams so they can enjoy the boating lifestyle, get on the water and stay on the water, creating memories of a lifetime with family and friends without the frustration and exhaustion that comes from boat maintenance challenges. If you've just become a boat owner for the first time, or thinking about it, or if you’re an Expat who’s owned a boat before – but this the first time owning a boat in a foreign country this is for you. In Asia, it can be difficult to get your boat repaired. BASCO Boating was created to solve this issue. Here’s Stage 1 of our Boat Maintenance Guru system, the 3-Stage framework for Boat Maintenance success as a First-Time or Expat Boater. If you’ve been talking with BASCO about a boat that is listed with BASCO’s Exclusive Boat Brokerage, then at some stage in the conversation with BASCO, they may have shown you the App that hosts all the maintenance information about the boat for sale. If you decide to purchase the boat, your BASCO Boat Adviser will help you to assess the maintenance that needs to be done and work with you to develop a Boat Maintenance Strategy. This is Stage 2 in our system - The Right Maintenance. Your boat adviser may then invite you to work with BASCO to implement your Year 1 Boat Management and Maintenance plan and recommend which support plan is most suitable for you. This is included in Stage 3 - The Right Lifestyle. If the boat is not an exclusive listing, your BASCO Boat Adviser will advise you if the listing comes with the on-tap maintenance records via the convenient app. Either way, if you purchase a boat, BASCO can help you with your Boat Management upon purchase. Book a call here for more details of how it works.