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Exclusive vs Non-Exclusive Listing Agreements to Sell Your Boat If you choose to list exclusively with a single boat broker, they are more likely to charge a lower commission rate. This is due to knowing their brokerage firm will eventually close the deal and earn the commission. This gives the boat broker more predictability. Therefore, they may agree to negotiate a lower commission rate to entice you to sign for a 6 to 12-month exclusive listing agreement. Signing a non-exclusive listing means you list with multiple boat brokers. Consequently, this also means that there is a good chance that another boat broker will make the sale. So, there is little incentive for the non-exclusive boat broker to do much work on your sale, other than listing your boat on listing websites. These websites could be global boat listing sites or their own website. But then they sit and wait for a buyer to find the boat online and contact the broker. There is little incentive to put in extra effort over and above the initial matchmaking opportunities, neither is there much incentive to reduce the commission rate. Are there any other costs or charges apart from the commission? From a traditional brokerage perspective, generally no. Free to list, sit and wait and cross your fingers. The traditional broker will check their networks, hoping to find a buyer and make a quick and profitable “OMG, that’s Amazing!!!” boat sale. From time to time this happens, and to be fair its exactly what everyone wants, the boat owner and the boat broker. It’s an ideal situation! In the absence of the easy deal (which is most of the time), some boat brokerages offer more service choices to their boat owner clients. The additional services kick into place when the easy deal isn’t happening. We call this Enhanced Brokerage. Along with the above, an enhanced brokerage will include additional marketing services. Choosing enhanced marketing from the get-go often includes marketing with drone footage, for example. The broker arranges for these additional services and offers them at a fee. When the value or attractiveness of your boat is high the boat broker might think there is a good chance that your boat will sell quickly. In this case, the boat broker might offer these services free of charge as an incentive to sign an exclusive listing. If you're trying to decide a exclusive or non-exclusive listing is best, it greatly depends upon your objectives, time line to a sale and the boat itself.