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Online Auction Boat Sale Strategy Session


30 minutes

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Are you a boat owner who wants to sell your boat fast? For example, here are two different situations that shows why a fast boat sale needed to take place: 1. A sailboat owner got a new job and was leaving the country in four weeks. He was almost to the point of giving the boat away if it didn’t sell. You can see how this motivated him to sell fast. He needed it closed in less than one month which became more even important than the sales price. 2. The decedent’s estate had to sell a boat for the proceeds. The boat’s condition was deteriorating because of disuse. Suddenly, the annual berthing contract renewal came due. The sale became more pressing to avoid imposing visitor berthing rates under a short-term boat berthing contract. Berthing rate increases and declining value accelerated the need to sell. There are several ways an Online Boat Auction can be used to sell your boat fast. It depends upon your selling goals, objectives and priorities. For example, 1. No Reserve Online Auction Rather than giving your boat away consider a no reserve online boat auction. A 7-day, no reserve online auction generates high levels of excitement and bidding activity. Your boat sells and probably at a higher price than the giveaway option above. However, it is not for the faint-hearted, but it is certainly suitable in some situations. This is how our sailboat owner above, sold at a reasonable price which was much more than he expected. Most importantly, it sold very fast, and he was able to move on with his life. Hopping on that plane to his new job, new country, without worry of a long-distance transaction. One happy boat seller. 2. Reserved Online Auction Similarly, you could start an online boat auction with an opening bid of $1. The confidential reserve price you set is met before the boat transacts. You promote the event with paid marketing to generate maximum exposure. Implementing a 2–3-week marketing campaign creates excitement, awareness, and most importantly, bids for your boat. Spending USD 1–200 per day on marketing gets the word out for pre-auction viewings, offers and bids. 3. Reverse (Dutch) Auction This is good for higher value boats when the owner is serious about selling. Starting with an optimistic "buy-now" price, the boat price is reduced by a fixed amount (e.g. $25k) every month until the boat sells to the "watcher" who is waiting for the price to drop before he makes his move. Book a free call now to discuss your fast boat sale.