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Want to Sell Your Boat But It You Don't Know What It's Worth? No Problem. A Shout Out to Boat Owners. Are you looking to sell your boat? Or, have you been trying to sell for some time but with no luck because your boat's price may be off? Has your boat been on the market for more than 6-months and yet the only suggestion from the broker is to lower the price? Look no further than the Boat Pricing and Research Package to price your boat correctly and sell your boat faster. Incorrectly pricing your boat from the get-go is the number one reason why boats don't sell. Avoid this costly mistake by getting all the intel and research together in one place, without high stress or wondering how long it will take to get an offer. “At BASCO we generate 3 times the boat sales enquiries in 90-days, compared to traditional methods or do-it-yourself, so you can sell your boat faster and move on with your life (or boat upgrade), without wondering how long it will take to get an offer.” Included - YOUR BOAT Price Research Report Included - 30-Minute Boat Pricing Strategy Session Included - Digital Marketing Strategy for YOUR BOAT Included - 30-Minute Boat Marketing Session. If you're not sure if this service is right for you, book a Free Boat Sale Strategy Call to find out more. Here's the link for the free call booking: (copy and paste into your web browser)