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Dione Schick

Boat Guru® & CEO

BASCO Boating was conceptualized more than 25 years ago in small town New Zealand. ​ After seeing how globalisation was driving customers to the cities to buy their boats, we closed down the marine dealership we had poured out hearts, souls and resources into for 11 years in the 1990's. ​ I knew that when the time was right, after moving to Singapore and raising our young family with secure corporate jobs, when that job opportunity was done, we'd be starting a technology and education platform boating company, changing the way boats are bought and sold and the boating lifestyle is accessed for thousands of people. ​ With the largest range of services of any leisure boat business to truly help clients solve their boating needs, and live their innermost dreams about life at sea, a new breed of Yacht Advisors was also introduced to the industry. Dedicated professionals who serve first and sell second, putting their client's needs first and building long term relationships with like-minded community members.

Welcome to BASCO Boating. For more information about me, see my LinkedIn Profile HERE.


Dione Schick